A time to remember to pray

Sitting in my desk, going thru my social media, sometimes I find sad news. I guess it’s due to our mania of reading sensationalist things, but there is a thin line between real news and news that just want to scare people. A special news that pulls my attention is everything related to children. All… Continue reading A time to remember to pray

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The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

    So finally it’s here, Holiday season is starting and there’s so much to do and so little time to hurry and do everything we need to do before the year finishes. Have you realize how fast does time passes by when you have things to do? I am sure you have, if you… Continue reading The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

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The first year birthday party

Hello everybody! After a busy week of running errands and organizing home, as I promised, I want to share with you how did I manage to organize my son’s first birthday party. It took me a while to put everything together, and it was my helpers and me, cause I needed a lot of help,… Continue reading The first year birthday party

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The last month and a half

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So it’s been a while since the last time I wrote. I have been incredibly busy moving from our old apartment to our new home, recovering from a gallbladder removal surgery, preparing my son’s first birthday party and arranging things around the house cause this moving thing is not finished… Continue reading The last month and a half

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How to avoid being the queen of the “no”with your toddler.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It is difficult to not say “no” to a toddler who is starting to explore around the house. Trash can digging, “no!”; trying to open cabinets with cleaning chemicals inside, “no!”; pushing himself back near a sharp corner, “no!”; reaching for the cable box and trying to pull it from… Continue reading How to avoid being the queen of the “no”with your toddler.

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Sleep tight

  As I head to bed, I think of all the past changes and coming changes in my life. Two years ago I arrived to the United States to get married to my awesome better half, twelve months ago we moved into our own apartment, ten months ago I became the mom of a beautiful baby… Continue reading Sleep tight