A time to remember to pray

Sitting in my desk, going thru my social media, sometimes I find sad news. I guess it’s due to our mania of reading sensationalist things, but there is a thin line between real news and news that just want to scare people. A special news that pulls my attention is everything related to children. All… Continue reading A time to remember to pray


Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to share with you the cinnamon rolls recipe I have been picturing on instagram. I am sorry that I couldn’t share on January, I am having a hard time finding a space in my daily schedule to write all the recipes I am preparing everyday. Since today I had the time,… Continue reading Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

health & self improvement

Why you should stay fit as a mom

Fitness is a matter of wellbeing and health more than looks. As a mom, our little nuggets are our motor to try to be a better person in all aspects and health is no exception. An ideal combination will include a workout some time in the day and healthy eating five times a day. You… Continue reading Why you should stay fit as a mom