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Easy Almost Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

So here we are, finishing November with cold weather arriving to Nashville and less hours of daylight. I need to confess that when I am on my way to work at 4:30pm, there’s not much sunshine and I feel like just staying at home and cuddling in bed with a mug full of hot cocoa… Continue reading Easy Almost Vegetarian Pizza Recipe

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The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

    So finally it’s here, Holiday season is starting and there’s so much to do and so little time to hurry and do everything we need to do before the year finishes. Have you realize how fast does time passes by when you have things to do? I am sure you have, if you… Continue reading The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

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Braided Pesto Bread

This article may contain affiliate marketing links. I only recommend and write about things I love, so be sure you can trust what I write about. Hello everyone! As I anticipated y’all in the facebook page, today I was able to work on this post about a beautiful nice looking bread that you can prepare… Continue reading Braided Pesto Bread

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The first year birthday party

Hello everybody! After a busy week of running errands and organizing home, as I promised, I want to share with you how did I manage to organize my son’s first birthday party. It took me a while to put everything together, and it was my helpers and me, cause I needed a lot of help,… Continue reading The first year birthday party