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Getting prepared to move

GmSo this last two weeks have been busy. My father arrived the last day of July and we went to take a look at the house we are buying. He said it is big for what we need but he liked the space as much as we do. During the week we went to two home improvement stores to check out floors and I finally decided for a 12 mm textured laminate in dark brown color from Floor & Decor. It is going to be installed in the whole house, only the basement is going to be a different story. Here’s a picture of the flooring.

I had to adjust the paint colors in the living room to a light green and an emerald green, I am trying to get the one coat paint, even if it’s going to be painted over white, this is my palette.
 I am picking 2″faux wood blinds for the 35″ X 72″windows, $36.00 each, there are 4 in the living room and 10 in total in the house. 
An 8′ X 10′ shag rug in beige that I already saw at Sam’s Club for $259.00. Plus furniture that I will be getting later, cause the rest of my budget is going to be spent on fixing little details like the screen door, the locks, the mail box and a leak in the kitchen sink. 


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